Guernsey Sea Farms


October 2015 - attended ASSG conference in Oban.

November 2015 - hatchery production is going well for Spring 2016 sales
Please contact us with your seed requirements!

31st December 2015 - Happy New Year to all our customers!

3rd April 2016 - We see first signs of the 'Spring bloom' and have made our first seed shipment of the year today!
All customers with orders should have received a personal acknowledgement by phone or email from Penny.
Contact us if your order has not been confirmed, or if you wish to change it, or if you haven't ordered yet..

21st August 2016 - we are coming to the end of a busy season, please contact us for any more Autumn orders, or for Spring 2017

5th/6th October 2016 - Mark Dravers attended ASSG conference in Oban.